What makes a Strietman so special?


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Customer reviews

“The classic male kitchen machine that finally can be appreciated by the whole family. It makes light roasted single origins taste amazing.”
—Johan Ahlgren

“Great consistency shot after shot after shot, classic lever taste hard to find these days. Once you understand the machine, no other machine gives you the same experience.”
—Arnold Moon

“There is nothing complicated and it makes exceptional espresso with ease. The ES3 is a fairly simple and straightforward machine.”

“The ES3 is so refined, and there is more than a little cyber punk to the design.”

“The Strietman CT1; a superb coffee machine, the La Marzocco of the little lever machines.”

“On temperature in less than 10 minutes using always fresh water the CT1 became part of my daily coffee ritual. Don´t want to miss it anymore.”



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